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Program Description:

The Latino Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services (TLC) is a health service provider contracted by San Mateo County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, and the San Francisco Department of Public Health. TLC was established in 1991 and has historically served both immigrant and native children, youth, adults, and their families throughout its 32-year history. TLC oversees the operations of 12 programs including operating 5 DHCS state-licensed and Drug Medi-Cal certified Substance Use Disorder Recovery Homes and Outpatient Facility.

The Nuevo Comienzo Community Center is committed to Restoring youth holistically- in an environment of love and understanding that represents our culture, improving quality of life in the Central Valley migrant farming communities in Cutler, Orosi and Dinuba, in Tulare County through afterschool youth health, prevention, and wellness programs since 2003. Nuevo Comienzo Community Center operates out of the Orosi High School campus. Our unique culturally based program models offer innovative treatment and prevention services that use culturally- relevant healing and behavioral health interventions, as central aspects contributing to a healthy community. This is the foundation of all programming we develop in youth leadership, community advocacy, health and wellness education, substance use and teen pregnancy prevention, and gender specific programming.

Position Description:

The Part-Time Program Facilitator is responsible for planning, coordination, and facilitation of Nuevo Comienzo’s Youth Education and Leadership programs. This position is responsible for using culturally rooted curriculums and approaches to supporting the development, education, and leadership of young people ages 12-18 who are primarily Spanish-speaking and Bilingual. Programs include Adelante Latina, Girasol, and the Community Promotores programs.  Activities include organizing community outreach efforts, facilitation of programs, parent, family, and youth communication, and community building managing administrative logistics for programs including program reporting, preparation for programs (materials, food, communication with participants), coordination of sports, art, and field trip activities- when necessary, general mentorship, linkages to appropriate supportive community services participants, among others.

Position Requirements:

  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills.

  • Strong organizational and time management skills.

  • Experience working with youth and their families

  • Friendly, enthusiastic, and positive attitude.

  • Have knowledge of La Cultura Cura Philosophy or are interested in learning about it.

  • Acknowledgement of the importance of community-based and culturally-rooted approaches to prevention and wellness

  • Easily demonstrates integrity, dignity and humility when working with others (youth, community, and staff)

  • Committed to the growth, wellness, and empowerment of community members.

  • Able to receive, follow and offer guidance as needed and necessary.

  • General understanding of Program Curriculums- strongly recommended

  • If in recovery, a minimum of 3 years of sobriety is required.


Essential Functions, Duties, and Responsibilities:

  • Promote active and meaningful engagement with programming: Cultivate ongoing engagement and active participation in youth programs and community activities.

  • Attend Community Meetings: Create community partnerships and involvement.

  • Create a Welcoming Program & Work Environment: Supports the general maintenance and cleanliness of classrooms, workspace, and common areas, ensuring a conducive and organized environment. Organize activities and events designed to the interests and needs of youth participants. Set up and maintain a conducive classroom/ center environment, ensuring tidiness and orderliness after each program session.

  • Food & Nutrition: Undertake the task of preparing meals for participants. If peer leader is assisting cook, supervise the process of food preparation.

  • Cultural Sensitivity: Uphold an inclusive and culturally sensitive program curriculum that celebrates diversity and respects various backgrounds.

  • Video or Presentation Creation: Support students to create an insightful video during each cycle, showcasing their unique perspectives and educational topics for youth in the community.

  • Program Compliance: Adhere to all program funding requirements and guidelines and required reporting, in alignment with supervisor guidance. Maintain accurate records, including parental consent forms, grade records, attendance logs, and other essential documents, to meet reporting and accountability requirements.

  • Program Recruitment, enrollment and orientation: Collaborate in the recruitment process of identifying and engaging young individuals for participation.

  • Program Facilitation, Activities and Events Planning: Facilitate Circulo and other program aspects, use facilitation skills to contribute to participants' holistic growth and learning.  Strategically plan and schedule various activities and events for program participants, enhancing their engagement and learning. Activities include workshops, community outreach events, and program Graduation among others.


Other Programmatic Responsibilities:

  • Assist Program Facilitator and Program Coordinator with other responsibilities and project work as required.

  • Support all co-workers and treat them with dignity and respect.

  • Support the team to reach common goals.

  • Be able to think and act quickly and efficiently in emergencies.

  • Comply with all agency policies and procedures.

  • Other duties as assigned.


Education and Experience:

Education: High School Graduate, or GED or equivalent

Experience: Experience with community engagement, building and outreach; Group facilitation highly recommended.


Status and Compensation:

This is a part-time ($17hr/ week) employee position and does not qualify for benefits. TLC part- time staff are paid for holidays when they are scheduled to work.

Application Process:

A resume/application must be emailed to Cynthia Valdez Hinck, Outreach & Communications Coordinator,, or hand delivered to Nuevo Comienzo located at 41815 Rd 128, Orosi, CA 93647. All resume/applications will be pre-screened, and only qualified applicants will be interviewed.


For more information, please call (559) 528-2846 or (559) 679-2808.

The Latino Commission on Alcohol & Drug Abuse Services, INC., offers equal employment opportunity to all applicants without regard to race, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, physical or mental handicap, disability, marital status, age, gender, or sexual orientation.

Project funded by The Center at Sierra Health Foundation

Rev. TLC 08/2023

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