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The Xinachtli Rites of Passage Curriculum is a comprehensive bilingual/bicultural youth development process designed to provide girls the guidance for a healthy development into adulthood. Based on indigenous teachings, this curriculum provides a dialectic process designed to support and build on the strengths of the individual. 




Cultural Identity Development; Women’s and Girls’ Human Rights; Life Skills Development and Healthy Rites

of Passage; Acknowledgement of the Sacred Self, Reproduction Health and Justice; Healthy Family

Relationships; Dating Violence, Communication and Maintaining Self Respect; Substance Abuse Prevention

and Substance Development; Community Violence and Cycles of Oppression; Violence and Human Rights as

a Community Health Issue; Circles of Development-Cultural/Spiritual Development; Vision and Goal Setting;

and Action “Ollin” Circles/ Community Organizing and Mobilization.


Orosi High School

El Monte Middle School


La Cultura Cura


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