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Are after School Teen Pregnancy Prevention & Youth Development Programs, targeted at boys and girls,  ages 13-18 years old. A 24 session cycle that educates young boys and girls on the consequences of sex, HIV infections, attitudes and beliefs about HIV/AIDS, condom use,  STD's, pregnancy negotiation skills, domestic violence: identification of abuses, cycle of violence and getting help, teen pressure to date, healthy vs unhealthy relationships, media images, and nutrition. Our programs are Cultural, Linguistic Centered and have been designed specifically but not exclusive for Latinos.


The program runs for a total of 24-weeks.  Meetings are held weekly for a total of three hours.  The young men and women participate in a total of 24 sessions.  These meetings cover a plethora of topics including but not limited to cultural pride, getting to know yourself, making your dreams come true, sexually transmitted diseases, condom use, teen dating, domestic violence, self-care and the consequences related to engaging in sexual relationships, just to name a few.

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Academic Achievement 

These are  Universities and Colleges where our graduating students have been accepted or are currently attending. 


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