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Nuevo Comienzo  ( New Beginning) community center was founded in 2003 by The Latino Commission.  Nuevo Comienzo started as a community center that offered: drug and alcohol outpatient treatment, drug and alcohol residential placement, a clean and sober transitional home for men, referral services, youth pregnancy prevention, leadership, emergency food pantry, & clothes distribution. Since its inception, Nuevo Comienzo has served hundreds of families meeting their needs and offering culturally-rooted transformational programming. 

Why we work hard to prevent pregnancy among teens?

Teenagers in Tulare County continue to hold the distinction of having one of the highest birth rates in California.

While California’s teen birth rate dropped to a record low of 29 births for every 1,000 females ages 15-19, in Tulare County that rate was 60.4 births for every 1,000 females.

Even though teenagers across the country have largely been having less sex and utilizing more contraception, adolescents in rural communities have been having more sex and utilizing birth control less frequently. It’s not clear out why, but it could relatively be because teenagers in rural zones still not have access to a range of comprehensive contraceptive essential services. Here, simply aren’t as many sexual health resources, so teenagers may perhaps have to travel farther to the nearest women’s health clinic to receive these services. 

We are currently located at Orosi High School. We serve students after school.


Past Funded Programs:


Adelante Latina 2008

Los Guerreros 2011

Teen Success 2012 (not active) 

Xinachtli 2013

Xinachtli Comadres Alumni 2015  

Madre Xochilt 2015

No Tienes Que Saberlo Todo 2015

Los Guerrreros/Joven Noble 2017

Adelante Latina/Xinachtli 2017

Circulo Communitario 2017

High Risk Sutdents Program 2017

Adelante Latina Alumni 2017

Los Guerreros Alumni 2017


Panche Be Project CutlerOrosi/Dinuba 




Making Proud Choices

Cultural Pride

El Joven Noble


Cara y Corazon

No tienes Que Saberlo Todo

Medicinal Drumming


Pride and Strength

Comes From Knowing

Who You Are 

Nuevo Comienzo is a project of

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