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Teen Success, Inc. is dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty for teen mothers and their children. Teen Success, Inc. provides programming to help teen mothers to complete high school, develop strong parenting skills to nurture their child's positive development and to develop the life skills necessary to thrive. 


When mothers do better, their children do better.


TSI support groups consist of 10-12 first-time teen moms. The group dynamic is the "secret sauce" of the program: trusting, supportive relationships are formed which reinforce positive life steps and help guide members back on track when necessary.


The program is intensive: members come together every week, all year long, and attend at least 40 meetings. TSI uses a codified model which includes the following:

  • Content of meetings is made up of four modules: social and emotional learning, health and wellness, parenting, and education and career. 

  • Meetings are held weekly throughout the year

  • Group sessions are led by two professional facilitators   

  • Child care is provided during each meeting

  • Members are given attendance stipends and bonuses

Serving Cutler-Orosi since 2012.

TSI Cutler- Orosi Program

Scholarships Awardees  



On May 2015 Gabriela Lucatero, 20, Orosi from TSI partner organization The Latino Commission 
Mother to Alfredo, 2 years old.
Gabriela will graduate from high school this spring and enroll at College of the Sequoias to work toward her nursing degree. She is supporting herself and her son while continuing to maintain her grades and almost never missing a TSI group. 
On May 29th, Teen Success, Inc. held its second annual Teen Success Scholarship Ceremony to honor the recipients of our 2014 scholarship: Nancy from Nuevp Comienzo, Orosi CA

Nancy Umana was awarded for the second time with the TSI Scholarship in 2016. 

Nancy Umana 2014

Gabriela Lucatero 2015

Nancy Umana 2016

Anna Juarez, 17, Orosi
Anna lost her mother to cancer at a young age and, became an emancipated minor in 2016 in order to provide for herself and her daughter. She loves going to group every Tuesday and her Teen Success, Inc. group has become her family. Anna knows education is key to a brighter future and is looking forward to attending college Reedley College for Education Studies with the goal of becoming a teacher.
Gabriela Lucatero, 20, Orosi

Gabriela is a renewal scholarship recipient who was awarded her first Teen Success, Inc. Scholarship in 2015. Gabriella is currently attending College of the Sequoia to obtain her AA in Liberal Arts. In Fall 2017, she will be transferring to Fresno State University to study social work and is focused on her goal to become a social worker for foster children. Gabriella is now a co-facilitator of the Cutler-Orosi Teen Success, Inc. group, where she mentors and role models for other teen mothers. 
Karen Garcia, 18, Orosi
Currently attending College of the Sequoias
During the time that Karen has participated in the TSI program, she has given birth to her son Aiden, graduated from high school, and began attending college. She is committed to making a brighter future for herself and her son; her hard work has been an example to the other members of her Teen Success group. During high school, Karen had the opportunity to complete a nursing assistant program, which solidified her goal of becoming a registered nurse. Karen plans to transfer to a four-year university to obtain her Bachelor of Science degree in Registered Nursing. 

Karen Garcia 2016

Anna Juarez 2017

Gabriela Lucatero 2017

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